TLneoCare: Improving Infant Care To Save Lives

TLneoCare's Initial Product Can Save the Lives of the Tiniest Babies

Every year in the US:

  • 4 million babies are born
  • 500,000 (12%) of them are born premature
  • Premature infants comprise 68% of the total infant mortality

The implementation of TLneoCare's innovative product could help doctors save the lives of these tiny patients. TLneoCare's product delivers a physiotherapy that yields great benefits to preterm infants including:

  • Accelerated weight gain
  • Improved cognitive (mental) health
  • Improved physiological development

The overall improvement in the health of the infants who receive the physiotherapy enables these infants to be discharged from the hospital days sooner than infants who don’t receive the therapy. TLneoCare's aim is to make its technology part of the standard of care for preterm and full term new born infants in hospitals to aid the improvement of their health. If you would like to be a part of TLneoCare's movement, click here.

TLneoCare's Future Products Will Help Parents Soothe their Babies

TLneoCare's future line of products will translate the benefits of its hospital based infant physiotherapy device to thousands of busy parents at home, allowing parents to take advantage of the benefits this technology can provide to their infant. TLneoCare's at home product line will become a necessity for every parent with a fussy child or a parent who simply has the desire to please their baby. It will become a staple for mothers and new born babies who are in the nursery and on the go. If you would like to be a part of TLneoCare's movement, click here.

Birth Chart

Preterm infants make up the smallest percentage of 4 million annual births in the US

Death Chart

Preterm infants are the largest population in the annual infant death in the US

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